Axon Bats

R 6,250.00


Axon: the impulse, the instinct that connects in play

With robust edges yet a light pick-up, you can control the crease and play with fortitude and promise. Branded with our iconic IXU Burn, our swift Axon is expertly and individually handcrafted with a large hitting area and lower swell position so you can get behind every stroke and play with power on the way to some winning totals.

Make your mark at the crease! 

Play with The Axon:

  • First Grade English Willow
  • 5-layered spring handle – for absolute shock-absorption
  • Wider Bat Blade – find the sweet spot
  • Exclusive IXU Grip
  • Lower Swell Position
  • IXU Handle Label
  • Reflective IXU Stickers